Areas of Practice

Business & Corporate Law
The Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan provides a wide range of business and corporate law services, from entity creation, maintenance and sale, through wind up and dissolution. At the start-up of a new business, we assist in choice of entity, (such as a corporation, partnership, or LLC), and in preparing the correct paperwork, issuing ownership documentation, and the terms under which the business will operate and treat co-owners. The Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan assists our clients with the purchase and sale of businesses, asset purchases, membership purchases and stock purchases. In order to assist clients with employment concerns, The Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan assists in drafting employee handbooks, employment agreements, severance agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation competition agreements.

The Skilled Negotiation Processsm – Negotiation and Workout. 
uccessful negotiation is the key to solving many business and debt problems. We use our years of experience with the Skilled Negotiation Processsm to advance the negotiation and workout of business and financial problems to our clients’ advantage. We maintain good relationships and communication with collection agencies and attorneys to avoid obstacles to working out debt problems. We also work hard to avoid needless litigation.

Debtor Representation. 
Using the Skilled Negotiation Process sm, we offer our clients counseling and negotiation services. We gather the correct evidence, research the law and often we are able to work with creditors to reduce bills or work out payment plans which keep companies in business. If your creditor is wrong, we excel at putting a stop to improper collection efforts. We know what creditors are looking for when they make decisions on how to deal with a debtor. Let us use our experience to your benefit.

Real Estate Law 
Real estate law is one of the main focuses at the Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan. The Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan prepares and negotiates commercial and residential real estate contracts and leases, as well as assisting with closings and title work. The Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan also works closely with investors, contractors, real estate developers, real estate agents and brokers in the zoning, entitlement and financing of real estate projects. Our experience helps us assist clients move a real estate project from inception to completion.

Contract Law 
The Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan provides the experienced and skilled assistance individuals and businesses need in negotiating and drafting the terms essential to a successful contract. We assist our clients in the review and preparation of contracts for a wide variety of uses including, employment, residential and business leases, the purchase and sale of a business, goods and assets, stock purchase agreements, business contracts, residential and commercial real estate contracts, and buy-sell agreements.

Litigation Services
Our commercial litigation practice consists of contract disputes, injury claims, family law and business disagreements. In addition, we aggressively handle collection representation for the debtor and creditor. We also assist clients with court actions in State and Federal court and with Mediations and Arbitrations. Scott G. Nathan has tried cases in Federal and State Courts and has considerable experience as an Arbitrator. Your rights are important, let the team at The Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan help you with our goal oriented Litigation Services.