Business Debt Negotiation

With over 36 years of experience, it’s easy to see why we are a solid business negotiation option. Below are some additional reasons why my firm can be a great fit as your business debt negotiator:

  • Licensed California lawyer – most so-called debt negotiators are not licensed lawyers. Hiring a lawyer tells the creditor you are serious. And I am serious about results!
  • A talented debt negotiator. I know what motivates creditors to say “Yes”!
  • A proven and successful approach I created– The Skilled Negotiation Process
  • 36+ years of demonstrated negotiation success.
  • Solutions-oriented – I identify negotiation hurdles and work to overcome them. I listen to my clients, keep them informed, and I strive to find ways to reach a positive resolution crafted to suit my client’s wishes.
  • Allows you more time to concentrate on running your business. Your creditors communicate with me and I address their concerns for you.
  • I work hard to maintain your relationships with your creditors, vendors, and banks.
  • In all but a rare few of the direst of cases, my clients have avoided bankruptcy, insolvency, and the dreaded closing of the business door.
  • Most cases are resolved in less than 45 days and for significantly less than the cost and fees involved with litigation.
  • I understand the psychology and motivations of the creditor, loan officers, accounts receivable departments, and collection lawyers. I use this understanding to achieve results.
  • Fee options suited to your needs – results-based fee, contingency and hourly options.