Business Law

Whether you're just starting up a business or making decisions for an established entity, proper counsel is essential to see your company through from formation to dissolution. At the Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan, I provide guidance and services which cover various business needs. I have experience working with both large and small businesses.

Business Creation & Dissolution

When forming a business entity, there are many questions to consider. An experienced business law attorney will make sure nothing falls through the cracks. If you are starting a new business, I can assist you in: 

  • Determining the right organizational structure for your needs
  • Preparing the correct paperwork
  • Issuing ownership documentation
  • Establishing the terms under which the business will operate and treat co-owners or investors

For employment concerns, I can draft proper legal agreements such as employee handbooks, employment agreements, severance agreements, non-compete, and non-solicitation competition agreements.

I also have experience helping clients with the purchase and sale of businesses, asset purchases, membership purchases, and stock purchases. For businesses that are closing, being sold or broken up — no matter the reason — experienced legal representation is vital to help ensure assets are transferred to the appropriate entities and that legal matters are properly managed.

Skilled Negotiation

Successful negotiation is the key to solving many business and debt problems. I use my years of experience with the skilled negotiation process to advance the negotiation and resolution of business and financial problems to my clients’ advantage. I strive to maintain good relationships and communication with collection agencies and attorneys to avoid obstacles when working out debt problems. I also work hard to avoid needless litigation, but won't shy away from it if it serves your business needs.



Debtor Representation

At my firm, we offer our clients legal counseling and expert negotiation services. We gather the correct evidence, research the law, and often we are able to work with creditors to reduce bills or work out payment plans to help keep companies in business. If your creditor is wrong, I will work hard to put a stop to improper collection efforts. I know what creditors are looking for when they make decisions on how to deal with a debtor and will use my experience to benefit you and your business.

Contract Law

I provide skilled assistance to individuals and businesses in need by negotiating and drafting the terms essential to a successful contract. The point of a contract is to clearly set out the terms and conditions of an agreement reached between two or more parties with due consideration. I can also assist you in the review and preparation of contracts for a wide variety of uses including:

  • Employment
  • Residential and business leases 
  • The purchase and sale of a business 
  • Goods and assets
  • Stock purchase agreements 
  • Business contracts
  • Residential and commercial real estate contracts
  • Buy-sell agreements

Litigation Services

My litigation experience includes extensive work with contract disputes, injury claims, estate rights, and business disagreements. In addition, I aggressively handle collection representation for both debtors and creditors. I can also assist clients with court actions in State and Federal court and with mediations and arbitrations. Regardless of what legal challenges you may be facing, your rights will always be my top priority. Let my team at the Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan help you through our goal-oriented litigation services.

Business Law Attorney in North Tustin, CA

When it comes to business law matters, I have extensive knowledge that could benefit your case. With decades of experience helping California businesses owners through a variety of different situations, my legal expertise can help you and your business succeed. Don't wait. Contact my law firm, the Law Offices of Scott G. Nathan, for a consultation today.